Meet Your Host, Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay Wilson rocks! With 30+ years of sales experience she is regarded as the “world’s most sought-after freedom based coach” (Mindvalley), called genius most often behind the scenes by colleagues and called “The Church of Lindsay” by clients. You will find her floating in the ocean if you need her. Join her?

Her training includes an NYU Trustee’s Scholar BFA which led her through Off-Broadway acting, founding a production company, documentary production and a Mellon Foundation Grant. She is now presenting “The Show” with luminary world leaders. 

She brings decades of sobriety, spiritual work, somatics and those close to her call her a phoenix. Lindsay sees business as a path to enlightenment and is unflinching in her belief of people and their gifts. Folks consistently say they see their worth in a whole new way after experiencing her.

Lindsay’s Prior Sales Client Book Includes:

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Overseeing $50M in sales through the past 30 years, Mellon Foundation Grant Recipient, Mindvalley highly rated speaker & author, seen in “The New York Times”, “Curbed” and “The Huffington Post”.

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